Unfortunately, our April concert featuring Byron Schenkman & Friends has been canceled. This wasn’t so much a Board decision as the inevitable result of several factors converging.

  1. Two of the musicians live on the east coast; flying into Seattle would be neither safe nor prudent.
  2. Although the Church has not yet informed us of any decision about using its facility, current federal guidelines extend the isolation recommendations through the month of April.
  3. Even if we were able to hold the concert, we suspect that many of you would stay home “out of an abundance of caution”.

Canceling concerts in the age of Covid-19 is unfortunate, but for all the musicians who were to perform on our series and at other venues, the current crisis is close to catastrophic. Many of these performers are freelance musicians who work from engagement to engagement without benefits, including unemployment insurance. During our (online) Board meeting Monday night, we decided to pay the performers for the March and April concerts half their fees. Using the logic that the concert cancellations were neither their nor our fault, this seemed like the right thing to do. We are not alone in this. Many presenters are similarly trying to support their musicians even as they are unable to have them play.

As I read the news from and about the arts community, I am struck by the number of organizations for whom this situation is extraordinarily worrisome. Some of them will not survive, and the world will be the worse for their loss. Thanks to the support of our patrons, we are still planning concerts for next season.

Like you, we regret that the cancellations have been necessary. To get your musical fix, take advantage of the many YouTube offerings by Camerata performers and other musicians. Check out YoYo Ma’s #SongsOfComfort. Watch the Rotterdam Philharmonic perform “Ode to Joy” from their homes. Like us on Facebook and check out some of the links we have been posting several times a week.

Take care. Stay well. We are looking forward to seeing you at a concert as soon as possible.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

~ Nancy Doran

Our 2019-2020 season:

Baltimore Consort members standing against a wall Park Brothers Guitar Duo headheadshot Yulia Kouzova leaning on the scholder of Dmitry Kouzov Carpe Diem String Quartet standing with their instruments, and without Cameron Bennett The members of Axiom Brass standing in a NYC subway car The members of St Petersburg Piano Quartet standing outside Byron Schenkman playing a harpsichord

Camerata Update

This season’s concerts are scheduled for two different locations. Some will take place in the Performance Theatre at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, while others will be held at First Presbyterian Church in Kennewick. We are very grateful to both institutions for welcoming us so warmly to their facilities.

We are extremely fortunate that Battelle, operator of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has donated its Steinway piano to Camerata. Pianists on our series have played (and praised) this instrument since 1988 when Battelle originally purchased it for our use. The piano will be located at Kennewick First Presbyterian Church.

Information about each concert’s location will be included on this website, our Facebook page, next season’s flyers and posters, and our announcement emails, as well as on the reminder cards we send to patrons.

We look forward to having you join us for another season of chamber music.