Dear Camerata Musica Supporter,

I thought that canceling the March and April concerts was the hardest thing the Board would ever have to do. Unfortunately, I was wrong. As the Covid-19 situation continued to evolve, we realized that we needed to look more closely at options for the coming season and determine how to proceed.

We have had such a discussion, and reluctantly made the decision to suspend concerts for the 2020-21 season. Several factors were considered. For starters, the CBC auditorium will not be available until January 2021 at best. Our audience, like that of other classical music groups, is largely composed of older adults who fall into the category of being more susceptible to the disease. Given the uncertainty of when social distancing guidelines will be suspended based on scientific and medical advice, and the possibility of a resurgence of cases during flu season, we felt that it would be wrong to go ahead with planning even half a season that might ultimately have to be canceled.

We will monitor the situation throughout the fall. If it looks as if concerts can be safely presented, we will consider ad hoc programs rather than a fully scheduled season. Any such events will be announced through email (Thank you for signing up!), Facebook, and on our webpage. If we can, we will send cards to those of you who are currently patrons. We hope to be able to resume something resembling a normal concert season for 2021-22 but we recognize that the future is uncertain, and we will have to be flexible.

The volunteers who make up our Board have close to 200 years of collective experience putting on chamber music concerts – it’s what they love to do, and they do it well. Making a decision like this goes against everything we have done for 51 years, yet we all agreed that it was the only safe and rational decision we could make.

These are difficult times. We all miss the excitement and vibrancy of live performances - theatre, concerts, dance. Online streaming, which lacks the intimacy of being there in person, is still pretty phenomenal however, and there are many great performances available. I hope you will take advantage of them. Check out our Facebook page for suggestions; we will be updating it often with news and links we like – particularly from musicians who have been on our series.

Stay safe.

~Nancy Doran